Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Snow Snow Snow...

December 17, 2009...whew what a day! The snow started at 6am and did not not quit until 10pm or so. Austin's bus from school got stuck, so two smaller buses came and pulled them out. Rog has still not been able to get home. They shut down the highways into the valley here. He picked the girls up at their cousins, and hopefully they will get home sometime today.

Shelby is sick and I just want my baby girl home. Ashley wants to see the snow. lol

Sadly, last night, there was already a death on the highway. Black ice! Just want my family home safe.

It has snowed here before for a day or so, but nothing like yesterday. I took pics all day. Here are a few from yesterday:

here are a few from today:


Return to Me said...


I've been trying to get on the "Follow Me" thing, but nothing happens. *shrug* Anyway, I have you bookmarked, so it's all good. :) I'll drop by tomorrow for a closer look at your pictures - PLEASE BE CAREFUL ON THAT BLACK ICE! *hug*

Note: I had to use my Google account to post this comment. I don't have a blog here anymore, so please disregard the name "Return to Me". It's me, Holly. From the Tree... :)

Holly said...

Okay, well, how about that. Huh. I was able to change that stupid "Return to Me". So now I'm me again. :D

Haze said...

You look very much at home here, Tracy!!!

Renee said...

wow look at all that snow! it's hard t obelieve you are in ca! Am glad that everyone was on their way home safe.

Tracy said...

Hello my girls!!
So glad you dropped in!!
And omg Renee, it's not supposed to snow here!! lol